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Jeremy Jordan at Landmark on Main Street

Jeremy added a new show to his Breaking Character Cabaret schedule, October 18th, 2014 at Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington, NY 

(For his full schedule of planned dates so far you can check them out on http://jeremy-jordan.net listed in the side bar under current projects.)

A man and his dog wishing happy closing to Newsies on Broadway! W/ @thaynejasperson

New Finding Neverland Interviews and Clips

Jeremy Jordan Is Finding Neverland at the A.R.T. (July 21st Interview) « Jeremy Jordan Online

Found this good interview with Jeremy from a month ago that somehow passed me by at the time! You can read the whole thing on the site.

Were you familiar with the film before you auditioned?
I had seen the movie a long time ago when it first came out, though to be honest I remember liking it but I didn’t remember much about it. When I read the script I got really excited to get to play a fun, strange, quirky character as opposed to the sort of charming leading straight man that I tend to play a lot…He’s a little more odd — more like me. [laughs] It is a big testament to Diane and the creative team’s faith in me, not having seen me take on that sort of character before. I’m having a blast. I love it.

I saw on Instagram that you’re currently occupying Bryan Cranston’s old dressing room from when the A.R.T. was doing All the Way. How does that feel?
I guess it is his old dressing room. There’s a little dry-erase board sitting in the corner on the floor with a message. It’s pretty surreal. I don’t know if somebody left a message for him, but I definitely think I’ll do it when I leave. Even if he started it, hopefully it will become a tradition. No matter who leaves you a message…but the fact that it was Bryan Cranston is pretty awesome.
Anonymous asked: Honeymoon in Vegas is confirmed for the Nederlander.

Thank you! I couldn’t remember which theater that one was going into. I was just trying to look it up right now. 

Hey guys! Just letting you know, I’ve seen some misinformation floating around about Finding Neverland going to Broadway and wanted to clear up a couple things! 

FIrst off, Finding Neverland is NOT going to The Nederlander Theater, they are in Negotiations with theaters owned by The Nederlander Organization. (If I’m not mistaken, there is another show already set to move into The Nederlander Theater right now, I’m just blanking on which one it is.)

Second, while I personally feel as though it’s very likely, and would be surprised if he’s not, Jeremy is not actually confirmed to be moving to Broadway with the show. Again, I think it’s likely, but we don’t know yet. Fingers crossed though, because it’s time for him to be back on a stage in New York!


Jeremy Jordan and Laura Michelle Kelly interviewed by Open Studio for Finding Neverland [x]  *Includes a few new clips from the show*

Finding Neverland Preview Clips [x]

BWW TV Exclusive: Believe! Watch Extended Show Footage from FINDING NEVERLAND at the A.R.T., Plus an Interview with Jeremy Jordan & Laura Michelle Kelly!