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The Last 5 Years to Debut at Toronto Film Festival « Jeremy Jordan Online

See, we’re smiling at this news! The film adaptation of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last 5 Years, starring Broadway fave Jeremy Jordan and movie musical darling Anna Kendrick, will soon receive its world premiere. Jordan took to Twitter to announce that the flick will play the Toronto International Film Festival, which is set to kick off this fall on September 4.

Can ART’s ‘Finding Neverland’ capture the magic? – Wonderful Interview with Jeremy! « Jeremy Jordan Online

"West Side Story" works. "Rent" works. "Finding Neverland"? TBD.

That’s why Jeremy Jordan sounds exhausted. He’s just emerged from an eight-hour rehearsal, as this world premiere musical gets hammered into shape at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge. That means cutting a reprise here, reworking some choreography there and learning the three pages of dialog that were just rewritten.

Meanwhile, opening night looms; “Finding Neverland” runs July 23 to Sept. 28 at the Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge.

"It’s exhausting," says Jordan. "It’s demanding in all sorts of ways. The first act is physically demanding. The second act is more emotionally demanding. And then you figure that I’m onstage for almost the entire show – I leave for only about seven minutes total."

That’s because this is his story. Jordan plays J.M. Barrie, the Scottish author of “Peter Pan.” “Finding Neverland” traces the unique and inspiring story behind the creation of the iconic Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. Divorced, Barrie meets and becomes friends with the widowed Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and her four young sons. Barrie’s creative and spirited relationship with the boys helps plant the fertile seeds of “Peter Pan.”

Read the full interview under the cut!

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Dancing Still (Live)
Jeremy Jordan · Ahrens & Flaherty: Nice Fighting You (A 30th Anniversary Celebration Live at 54 Below)
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Dancing Still | Jeremy Jordan
Ahrens & Flaherty: Nice Fighting You (A 30th Anniversary Celebration Live at 54 Below)

"So, they tear us down and they turn away. You and I will find better tunes to play. In my heart I know you have so much more to do. On a pedestal is where you belong, make the world look up as you stand so strong, and you show them all there is so much more to you."

Jeremy taking Breaking Character to 54 Below! « Jeremy Jordan Online

54 Below has listed concert dates for Jeremy’s Solo Cabaret concert!

Mon, Oct 27 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Tue, Oct 28 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Wed, Oct 29 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Thur, Oct 30 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Fri, Oct 31 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Sat, Nov 1 7:00 pm Doors 5:00pm Presale 6/26
Sat, Nov 1 9:30 pm Doors 8:45pm Presale 6/26

Cover Charge: $40-90
Food & Beverage Minimum: $25 
Presale begins to 54 Below insiders on June 26. Tickets will go on sale to the public on June 30.


Dare to Dream (Full Track) from Where the Sky Ends (Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes) [x]

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1. Dare To Dream (Duet with Laura Osnes)
2. Try

Jeremy Stars in Finding Neverland for American Repertory Theater « Jeremy Jordan Online